{Grayce McCormick is on a mission; a mission to do good in the world. Helping others is at the core of her identity. Exterior to that core of kindness and compassion is a tremendous wealth of talent, and the wisdom to use it properly. Grayce is exceptional. Her leadership abilities are those that are needed in the nucleus of any team. I recommend Grayce. She is a wonderful human being.
Bryant McGill
Human Potential Thought Leader, Best-Selling Author, and United Nations Appointed Global Champion McGill Media
{Grayce is a super-star in our entertainment industry whether she is in front or behind the camera &/or radio mike. As a 'personality, watch those ratings and market ranks soar! Savvy in production, sales, public relations, and client service, her energy, creativity, attitude and knowledge adds revenue and results for any company.
Bonnie Baker
Proven Media, Broadcast, Manager, Marketing Professional CBS Howard Stern
{Grayce McCormick is a dynamic, vibrant, trustworthy, hardworking and talented individual whose professional relationship I value immensely. As a producer her tenacity and personality has been undeniable in making contacts for the work that we do. I'd recommend Grayce anytime because she would surely enhance any environment she is in.
Levy Lee Simon
Writer/Actor/Director/Executive Producer Jazz Lion Productions
{Grayce is dynamic, intelligent, creative and committed to her art. It was a delight to work with Grayce. She will be a true asset to any company large or small.
Brad Mylett
Vice President for Development and Alumni Affairs Maharishi International University
{Working with Grayce has been a dream come true. She is such a special person who works from a heart-centered, intuition driven space. She somehow combines her knowledge of the business and her vastly impressive rolodex with a spiritually led drive that I cannot compare to anyone else I've met. Grayce is full of creative ideas, knows the right people to connect you with, and follows through with what she says she'll do each and every time. Grayce is clearly in her zone of genius as she loves helping people reach their full potential. She genuinely cares and has her clients' best interest at heart. I am so glad to have met and worked with her and cannot recommend her more!
Sarah Creighton
Life & Wellness Coach For Women LoveSarah.co
{I have known Grayce McCormick for more than 10 years both professionally and personally. She is one of the best PR people working today. She is very well connected, considerate, professional and an idea innovator. Never before have I worked with someone that is so outstanding at connecting people on a professional level for projects, events, partnerships and other collaborations. Anyone would be lucky to have Grayce as part of their PR, publicity or marketing team.
Lynette Carrington
Marketing and Event Specialist AZ Big Media
{Grayce McCormick is a powerhouse go getter in the entertainment business. I am currently working with her on three projects and she brought all three to me. She is a delight to work with and has a marvelous network of contacts in all aspects of recorded visual entertainment. I am proud to know her and very glad to be working with her. As stated in the title of LIGHT FINDER PUBLIC RELATIONS, she finds and shines the "light." She is "one of the best."
Brian Frankish
{I got to know Grayce while working as a journalist. As a PR professional she always was gracious, well organized, and completely responsive. I also have admired her devotion to the life and legacy of late World War II veteran Jerry Yellin—one of her (remarkable) clients whom I had the pleasure to meet and interview.
Kyle Munson
Content Strategist | Journalist | Writer | Storyteller | Podcaster | Nonprofit Board Member  
{Grayce is the most amazing human being. Beyond her great PR Skills and Media work she is a wonderful collaborator and team builder who’s an expert at bringing people together to create amazing projects. Being an entertainment project of all sizes or a retail and or commercial venture she’s the spark to any project. She’s connected, hard working, tenacious, professional, creative, on and on. She’ll be a valuable commodity to any type of project you have her be a part of. She’s a powerhouse and a catalyst to every endeavor. In addition she’s a beautiful wordsmith and a beautiful human being with a powerhouse of a heart. She’s grounded and spiritual which makes for a wonderful collaboration on any project of every scale. Can’t wait to have her aboard my passion project Jerry’s World in 2022.
Jerry Dunn
Founder/CEO Jerry's World
{I worked with Grayce in entertainment for many years. Professional, punctuality and transparency are what come to mind when working with her. She is always on top of her agenda and very mindful and respectful of yours. Good people find other good people and work together!
Nick Martinez
Managing Partner Tao Creative
{Grayce is a fantastic public relations specialist. She connects with people on a personal level that draws them into a project in a unique and positive way. She has an engagingly positive outlook and chooses to work with projects that will have a beneficial impact on others. She is professional and it is a pleasure to collaborate with her.
Jim Davis
{Grayce is a force to be reckoned with. She is very intelligent and driven when it comes to producing and performing entertainment. She shined as a producer for one of the talk shows at my radio station and she always delivered home run segments for me on my own show. She is always thinking, always planning and always seeing the potential in things the rest of us mere mortals miss. She is good… listen to her.
Jeffry O’Brien
General Manager CRC Media West (KXPS/KPSF)
{Grayce McCormick is a ball of fire. She has the energy to raise three beautiful children, write, produce and manage projects. Grayce is an insightful trustworthy voice for media consumers. Grayce is organized and detail-oriented with an eye and ear for what matters to Americans today. Her innovation, creativity and work ethic are unmatched. I would highly recommend Grayce in both talent and production if you are planning to launch a radio or TV show.
Dr. Lynne Kenney
Pediatric Psychologist, Author Lynne Kenney
{Grayce is one of those rare combinations of heart and results. When it comes to molding and shaping clients, events and campaigns, she is a master at simultaneously utilizing her big picture perspective, on-the-ground resourcefulness, team-building prowess and far-reaching network to accomplish the goals and objectives set before her. She does all of this with compassion, understanding, care, trust and class — most of which is a rarity in the entertainment business. She is lovely from the inside out and an absolute joy to work with because she utilizes her smarts as much as her heart.
Ron W. Roecker
Strategic Communications Enfluence Group, Grammy Foundation
{Grayce is a real pro! Attention to detail and making everyone feel like the are the only one in the room are her hallmarks to success. I’ve known Tracy for many years, and can honestly tell you that she says what she will do, and follows through, every single time. Creative, detail-oriented, and an amazing work-ethic … that Grayce!
Joel Denver
President/Publisher All Access Music Group
{Grayce is the consummate PR pro; part shamaness, part shape shifter, part threshold guardian part mentor and all around communications heroine and networker par excellence. If you need modern pr, social media or connectivity Grayce will get the job done on time on budget and with the biggest smile – for both of you!
Marc Strauch
President/Publisher Go To Go Marketing
{Grayce McCormick has been providing her public relations and marketing expertise to me for the past three years. Her professional approach has provided publicity beyond my expectations.
Captain Jerry Yellin
{Finally, I wanted to let you know that the best publicist in the world, Grayce McCormick, had me out in Hollywood last week, where we were on a local show which is actually broadcast nationally online called Good Morning LaLa Land, spreading the good news of Captain Jerry Yellin.
Don Brown
Retired JAG Officer, Attorney, Author of "The Last Fighter Pilot" and thirteen best selling military books of fiction and non-fiction. Don Brown Books
{I feel like the name of your company is like name and form, you bring Light to every situation.
Debbie Smith
Governor, Teacher of Transcendental Mediation TM Center