Jack Millard

Jack Millard: Actor, Producer, Filmmaker

The inspiration for handcrafted “Crosses of Nails” and the “Little Boats of Hope” was inspired by the tragic loss of his wife in 2013. It was a way for Jack to channel his tremendous grief creatively. Jack’s Mother was born in Oshima, Japan, and moved to Okinawa, where she met his Irish-American Father, a US Army DI, during WWII. Jack was born and raised in SW Wisconsin and moved from New York to Los Angeles with his wife in 1996. His lengthy acting career took on a new meaning when he lost his wife on New Year’s Day, 2013. (Jack is the actor in the video)

Carlos Santana and his lead singer Andy Garcia wear the Crosses With Nails, among other celebrities and musicians.

In 2017, Jack created a “Space Capsule” art installation off the side of the I-10 freeway near Casa Grande, Arizona. A retired NASA engineer called 911 to report a ‘downed space capsule’ from the 1960s. A dozen homeland security and sheriffs arrived on the scene to discover this “space capsule’ was a magical piece of art. The installation was completed over the course of a weekend, and the breaking story was covered by the worldwide media, going viral within 48 hours with the PR outreach from Lightfinder PR.