Grayce McCormick

Just Call Me Grayce

Several years ago, I changed my nickname from “Tracy” to “Grayce.” I’ve conjured it my entire life for those wondering about the name change. I never imagined that I would change my name. However, after being gifted a sound frequency reading with someone who rebrands companies and individuals using software developed by linguists and cognitive neuroscientists, the frequency of ‘Grayce’ vibrates higher for my life purpose. The law of nature states that everything in life has a vibration. Before we enter this world and after we leave it. Therefore, I went with the frequency of the sound wave, which is based on Physics and Universal motion.

Also, I’ve been athletically coordinated throughout my life yet quite clumsy (walking into walls, falling off chairs, tripping over my own feet, etc…). For nearly half a century, I would joke about my klutz factor by saying, “Just call me Grace!”

SO… it’s official. Please call me GRAYCE.