Tracy McCormick has been providing her public relations and marketing expertise to me for the past two years. Her professional approach has provided publicity beyond my expectations.
–Captain Jerry Yellin

“Tracy is the consummate PR pro; part shamaness, part shape shifter, part threshold guardian part mentor and all around communications heroine and networker par excellance. If you need modern pr, social media or connectivity Tracy will get the job done on time on budget and with the biggest smile – for both of you!”
–Marc Strauch -Go To Go Marketing

“Tracy McCormick is on a mission; a mission to do good in the world. Helping others is at the core of her identity. Exterior to that core of kindness and compassion is a tremendous wealth of talent, and the wisdom to use it properly. Tracy is exceptional. Her leadership abilities are those that are needed in the nucleus of any team. I recommend Tracy. She is a wonderful human being.”
–Bryant McGill -Human Potential Thought Leader, Best-Selling Author, and United Nations Appointed Global Champion

“Tracy is a real pro! Attention to detail and making everyone feel like the are the only one in the room are her hallmarks to success. I’ve known Tracy for many years, and can honestly tell you that she says what she will do, and follows through, every single time. Creative, detail-oriented, and an amazing work-ethic … that Tracy!”
–Joel Denver-President/Publisher at All Access Music Group ( and Owner, All Access Music Group (

“Tracy is one of those rare combinations of heart and results. When it comes to molding and shaping clients, events and campaigns, she is a master at simultaneously utilizing her big picture perspective, on-the-ground resourcefulness, team-building prowess and far-reaching network to accomplish the goals and objectives set before her. She does all of this with compassion, understanding, care, trust and class — most of which is a rarity in the entertainment business. She is lovely from the inside out and an absolute joy to work with because she utilizes her smarts as much as her heart.”
–Ron W.Roecker -Strategic Communications, Enfluence Group, Grammy Foundation

“Tracy McCormick is a ball of fire. She has the energy to raise three beautiful children, write, produce and manage projects. Tracy is an insightful trustworthy voice for media consumers. Tracy is organized and detail-oriented with an eye and ear for what matters to Americans today. Her innovation, creativity and work ethic are unmatched. I would highly recommend Tracy in both talent and production if you are planning to launch a radio or TV show”
–Dr. Lynne Kenney -Pediatric Psychologist, Author

“Tracy is a force to be reckoned with. She is very intelligent and driven when it comes to producing and performing entertainment. She shined as a producer for one of the talk shows at my radio station and she always delivered home run segments for me on my own show. She is always thinking, always planning and always seeing the potential in things the rest of us mere mortals miss. She is good… listen to her.”
–Jeffry O’Brien -General Manager at CRC Media West (KXPS/KPSF)