As my career profile illustrates, I’m well-prepared and qualified to meet and exceed your expectations.

Having overseen PR campaigns for Fortune 500 companies and large-scale events spanning the arts, entertainment, education, government, and non-profit industries, I’m accustomed to driving projects forward, keeping all stakeholders informed and delivering value – on time and on budget. I possess a versatile and dynamic skill set and positive attitude. Leading a conference team. Writing. Producing. Developing. Executing and delivering. You name it, I’m excited to do it.

If given the opportunity, I’ll work tirelessly to deliver similar results for your brand and would also bring the following experience and strengths to your business:

Directed all aspects of marketing and public relations for the U.S. Transcendental Meditation Program; Maharishi Foundation and Maharishi University of Management (MUM) online education program; David Lynch MFA in Film; MA in Sustainability Program; and the 2014 MUM commencement campaign for actor Jim Carrey.

Founded, developed and produced the Creative Edge Film Festival, introducing a vibrant new avenue for independent filmmakers, producers, directors and actors to showcase their talents in the Midwest. Acquired partners and sponsors while also managing all logistics, marketing, and PR – resulting in sold-out festival audiences.

Non-profit veteran experience and business development on the Operation Warrior Shield Board of Directors. Also represented WWII Veteran Captain Jerry Yellin until his death in late 2017. Represents Veterans non-profit Heaven and Earth Oasis for their annual fundraiser. Deep relationships with all branches of the U.S. Military and The White House. Represented Olympic Athlete Anita DeFrantz, who serves as International Olympic Committee VP.

As the Director of Communications, showcased an arts-based non-profit that developed into an innovative leader on the Arizona culture scene, driving all communication strategies and building partner relationships. Represented the Town Of Carefree, Arizona for their fall and winter events. Served for one year as a member of the Board of Advisors for Valley of The Sun (Desert Foothills) YMCA.

In me, your business would gain a diligent, goal-oriented professional who excels at building strong relationships with diverse populations across levels to achieve desired results. I welcome the opportunity to further discuss opportunities in detail.


  • Public Relations & Branding
  • Marketing, Digital Media Strategy
  • Research & Business Development
  • Original Content & Social Media
  • Event Planning & Production

Offices in Los Angeles, CA and Scottsdale, AZ.

Key Media Placements and Press Releases

1) The Clarendon Hotel AZFamily3/CBS5, Phoenix

2) Good Morning LaLa Land (National digital TV show) Don Brown

3) Blogtalk Radio: Don Brown and Tracy McCormick

4) Thrive Global, Don Brown and Heaven & Earth Oasis

5) Medium and Authority Magazine, Don Brown and Heaven & Earth Oasis

6) U.S Veterans Magazine 10/2018

7) People Magazine, Jerry Yellin

8) AZ Space Capsule (Jack Millard) story went viral worldwide within 48 hours of pitching. (I like this piece out of the UK)

9) Jerry Yellin The NY Post

10) Actress Scarlett Johansson for Operation Warrior Shield

11) Actor/Artist Jack Millard in

12)Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation/Creative Edge Master Shop Licensing Agreement

13) Olympic Athlete, VP Olympic Committee-Anita L. DeFrantz in Around The Rings

14) When In Rome, Huffington Post

15) Music Video, Mysteries of Love from Blue Velvet (David Lynch, Angelo Badalamenti, KID MOXIE) Also, placed in Pitchfork, Indiewire, Bullet, Noisey-Vice

16) CBS Channel 3 AZ Jerry Yellin

17) Musician Morgan Englund and Town of Carefree (government client)

18) Anita DeFrantz, Black Journal:

19) Town of Carefree, AZ (government client)

20) Overland (Luxury Retailer) placement via ALEXA, an Amazon Company

21) Jerry Yellin, Pearl Harbor Day, Washington Post

22) Jerry Yellin Feature Obituaries:

New York Times

Boston Globe

23) Jerry Yellin The Last Fighter Pilot

24) Film fest I founded, produced and handled all PR, Marketing for Creative Edge Film Fest

25) My biggest placement is a tie but I will go with Actor Jim Carrey’s 2014 commencement speech for the Maharishi University of Management in Fairfield, Iowa, I spearheaded the PR campaign. We were trending 6 and 8 on Yahoo and Facebook within 24 hours. My colleagues at The Hollywood Reporter and Yahoo broke the story. Here are the current, measurable results at 12.2 Million YouTube hits