The Creative Edge Film Fest is an artistic vision I pulled out of my creative hat, with the support of my executive producing partners Jim and Ginger Belilove. Our main sponsor is Jim’s company, Creative Edge Master Shop.

In late July, I was chatting with Jim about the film “Paolo Soleri: Beyond Form”, which I hoped to screen in Fairfield, Iowa. The film is about my friend Paolo Soleri, who passed away April 9th, 2013 in Scottsdale, Arizona. Paolo created Arcosanti, an experimental town north of Phoenix, along with Cosanti in Paradise Valley, Arizona. Paolo and I were friends for the last ten years of his life.

I met Paolo Soleri three days after my birthday in 2003. After modeling for him over the course of five years, I felt fulfilled by that part of my self-expression, so I connected dots for his 501c3 by bringing philanthropists to meet with him. I also enjoyed stopping by Cosanti at least once a month for a visit with my homemade Irish soda bread. Our friendship was what Paolo deemed “affection”, the relationship between the artist and model. I always teased him that I was his ‘best muse’. We were platonic friends, but it was deeper than that, as his shamanic and mystical presence in my life catapulted my spirit into an opening of all aspects of myself in the most vulnerable way. It helped me begin the journey of completely embracing myself. Without clothes, or belongings we are in our most natural state. Life is beautiful, simple, and sustainable. It led me into my undeniable relationship with the Cosmos.

Human beings need three things. Food, shelter, and each other. Our societies made up of single family enormous homes, along with consumer madness have made our planet weep and crumble at a rate faster than many realize or wish to face. Paolo’s visionary work as an iconoclastic architect, urban theorist, artist, writer, and creator of the concept archology have left a major footprint on our planet. Eco-cities and the tiny home movement are signs that people are beginning to make different, healthier choices.

Paolo Soleri also left an imprint on many hearts, myself included. It was a blessing to know him in this lifetime. Along with Vargas, I hope to meet him in the next lifetime and pose again. If I told Paolo hat I was launching a film fest over my intention to screen a film about his life, he would quietly smile with a twinkle in his eye. Paolo was very humble, kind, and spirited.

When I visited Cosanti in the years post-modeling, Paolo would ask me, “Would you like to pose today?” I would gently say, “Not today. I’m the muse, and the muse is unattainable”. I gave the man credit for persevering! So we would walk, talk, and break bread.

My intention to screen Paolo Soleri:Beyond Form, has launched into a full on first year film fest. Jim Belilove shared that his nephew, Director Ian Cheney, screened his film “King Corn” in Fairfield seven years ago. After I checked out Ian’s IMDB page, I suggested we screen Ian’s latest film, “The Search For General Tso”

“Let’s start a film fest! We can call it the Creative Edge Film Fest?!” I squeaked! Jim liked the name, and idea. He fully supports entrepreneurs and risk-takers as the mirror has two faces. We hive-fived. And so it is! The Creative Edge Film Fest is taking shape, like the granite labyrinth that Creative Edge Master Shop fabricated for Grace Episcopal Church in St. Helena, CA. Like the sculptural wind-bells of Cosanti. Creative, synchronistic energy will always be, BEYOND FORM.